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SFR is Committed to the Environment

In Our Own Backyard

Montana Green Environment

SFR, with its corporate offices and packaging facility in Montana, has always been conscious of the need to protect the environment. Montana is known for its pristine waters, majestic mountains, and abundant wildlife. SFR was developed in 1985, with a mission in reducing the impact of lubrication products on Montana’s environment. Montana’s skyline was riddled with old and broken down equipment setting out behind a farmer or ranchers place. With Montana becoming more and more popular, the idea sprang out, what if equipment could last longer and emissions could be reduced so that our beautiful state could be spared.

Less Oil Consumption and Wear

With vast research and product development over a two-year period, it became evident that most all lubricants didn’t contain extreme pressure additives. We found massive tractors 500-600 hp breaking down pre-maturely due to Montana’s severe climate; with the use of the best extreme pressure agents in the world, we were able to extend equipment life by 20-28% confirmed through oil analysis using laser technology counting wear particles.

Extending equipment life became an important factor to farmers and ranchers who have to have government subsidies to even survive due to their extremely tight margins. Once extending equipment life was verified by farmers, ranchers and independent testing at major laboratories throughout the United States, we then focused on extending drain intervals so that big users were not dumping their oil so often, creating even more impact on used oil and empty containers ending up at refuse plants.

Bio-degradable Base Oils and Proven Mileage Improvement

We overcame this hurtle by studying the motor oil warranty requirements. We found each time a new specification for motor oil warranty came out, it required more detergents for keeping engines cleaner, and additional anti-oxidants so that the oil would last longer and remain effective. We changed our base oils to bio-degradable synthetics that not only last longer, but are proven to get better mileage. We are constantly working on changing over our products to environmentally safe bio-degradable components.

We have all focused our research and development on fuel products that reduce emissions. Through testing we found that a combination of oil friction modifiers in the motor oil and super concentrated injector cleaners in the gasoline reduced emissions as high as 19%; and it reduced hydrocarbon emissions from the motor oil substantially as well. We found that the major oil companies had reduced the detergents in fuel additives at the gasoline pump by over 50% since 1996 and injectors in cars throughout the U.S. were plugging in as low as 5000 miles. It has gotten so bad that the OEM’s like GM, Ford and Chrysler are fighting with the major oil companies and created their own category of gasoline called Top Tier Gas, without the oil companies approval. The oil companies were furious but new they weren’t meeting the needs of the public as vehicles were getting less mileage, and hesitating and coughing at start up and turn-off of the engine.

We Use Recycled Paper, Cartons, and Bio-degradble Packing Materials

SFR not only has striven to reduce environmental impact through its products, but we use only recycled paper and cartons, as well as bio-degradable packing materials for our shipments. With all of our employees striving to reduce the impact on the environment it’s become a mission with our company to reduce our foot-print and keep Montana’s Glacier Park and the rest of the state free of smog and pollution that hangs over most cities. We are finding that everyone in the U.S. would like their pollution reduced and with our products we think we can make a discernible difference.