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Business Opportunities

Would You Like to Join the SFR Team?

SFR has business opportunities world wide. SFR is the leader in industrial oil fortifiers and related products. The following information illustrates why SFR is the right choice for an exciting and rewarding career.

Products Used By Major Fortune 500 Companies and Governments

SFR Commercial and Industrial Products

SFR products have been used in industrial applications by a host of Fortune 500 Companies and also by many government agencies. When looking at any business opportunity, one must refer to the type of customers it attracts. Over the past several years, SFR has sold its products to major corporations such as General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Company, Honda, Samsung, British Steel, United Airlines, Frigidaire, Texaco, Chevron, Shell Oil Company, U.S. Navy, IBM, Pillsbury, and many, many more. SFR products have been proven in the field by their use in major industries.

Repeat Orders Build a Solid Future

SFR's unique product line allows distributors the opportunity to build a business on repeat orders. Many SFR distributors have extensive routes and service long term repeat business. Repeat business is the sign of high quality products that are accepted in industry. Also, industry and commercial companies use large volumes of lubricants therefore making the market for SFR products enormous. Building loyalty with repeat customers is the key to a solid future.

Opportunity To Be In Business For Yourself But Not By Yourself

Employees Attend an SFR Distributor Support Training Meeting

SFR distributors are independent business people in control of making their own decisions. They can ultimately decide what hours to maintain, accounts to service, pricing considerations etc. Each SFR distributor has the full support of SFR World Headquarters and its experienced staff with knowledge in lubrication engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry, marketing, international freight forwarding, packaging, custom formulations and in field support as well.

The Best Integrated Marketing and Testing Support

SFR realized long ago the need for high quality support materials and exhaustive testing data to assist its valuable distributors in the marketplace. SFR has the most complete battery of collateral materials in the industry. From packaging to professional video tapes, and four color literature, everything about SFR illustrates a dedication to quality. The testing data is second to none in the industry. Such tests concern fleet studies as well as elaborate tests such as the L-38 engine test. Unlike other companies that have conducted one or two simple bench tests, SFR has a wide variety of extensive testing for distributor support that customers can readily appreciate the difference.

Extensive collection of product support literature.

No one has done more testing!

SFR’s Live Demonstration Makes All of the Difference

Every Distributor for SFR uses the SFR Demonstration machine to show customers the difference SFR products make over other lubricants. Imagine marketing a product from a brochure only trying to tell the customer the benefits of your product.

This is not the case with SFR, as SFR Distributor’s can clearly demonstrate the tremendous difference right at the place of business—using the customers lubricant. Nothing takes the place of a live demonstration. Beyond the demonstration, SFR has the technical expertise and literature to finalize the sale.

Independent Laboratory Support for Customers

SFR recognized the need for data proving the reduction of wear for customers. SFR has developed an oil and wear particle analysis process to aid customers in preventative and predictive maintenance. The best part is you do not have to be an expert to use this system. Independent Laboratory testing validates claims

SFR has trained technicians to assist you in monitoring the program and interpreting results. SFR’s lubrication engineers can make valuable recommendations for helping the customer save downtime and failures. The reports are computerized on a data base system for comparative analysis. The customer can easily see in black and white the reduction in wear and recommendations for alleviating problems.

Work With The Recognized Leader in the Industrial Additive Worldwide Market

The SFR name is trademarked around the world as SFR does business in many countries and continents. SFR personnel travel the world assisting its distributors and customers. SFR is recognized for its comprehensive multifunctional formulations for severe applications. SFR’s slogan is "When it absolutely has to work!"

To speak with an SFR representative about the exciting opportunities waiting for you with SFR, call 406-287-7836 for Overseas and in the U.S. and Canada dial 800-735-6438 and ask for either our International or U.S. Marketing Department.