38 Years of Manufacturing the Highest Quality Performance Oil Products Available


Improved horsepower using ProTecta Engine Treatment of 11 HP as seen on television show “Truth or Dare” on a new ½ ton Ford Pickup Truck. Also confirmed by dynamometer testing conducted by Mustang Ranch in California, known for testing on performance cars.

Improved mileage with ProTecta Synthetic Complete Fuel System Treatment verified by a major oil company during intensified testing over 7 vehicles in an intensive field test.i

ProTecta Diesel Fuel Conditioner and SFR D-Sol Diesel Fuel Conditioners showed an increase of up to 5% in mileage improvement on diesel trucks in extensive testing conducted by a major oil company. Also, verified easier starting due to cetane improver found in products.

SFR NLGI #2 Grease withstood a Timken OK Load of 80 lbs the highest level recorded; users find less need for re-greasing due to film affinity.